Powder Transfer

Powder Transfer bioprocess containment


The Powder System ALLpaQ® now supply is a completely unique and patent approved solution for the safe and simple transfer of fine powders and granules. Suitable for use with FIBCs, octabins, kegs and bulk containers, the system offers the level of containment normally only associated with high grade chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The ALLpaQ®   system has a 2 piece plastic disposable docking ring that is fitted to the filling or discharge spout of an FIBC, octabin or ISO container liner. Prior to filling/discharging the plastic ring is located on a self centering ferrule and the clamp is engaged – Thus a completely dustfree seal is achieved within seconds. The docking rings can also be fitted directly onto Un-Lined FIBC’s.

The Ezi-Flow CSV® is a unique and highly effective solution for the contained transfer of sensitive or hazardous chemical or pharmaceutical products including Powders & Solids, Steriles, tablets and even Wet Cake type materials. Uniquely the Ezi-Flow CSV® Transfer System has a “FULL BORE” apperture which removes any product hangup and retention issues. A Low Cost disposable Ezi-Flow Passive connection, when used in conjunction with either a Flexible Chargebag, Stainless Steel or Polyethylene Chargebottle, IBC’s will deliver significant benefits in terms of cleaning, validation and cost whilst maintaining a high level of product containment.Chargebag

ALLpaQ® also supplies a range of specialised process packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries including both rigid & flexible/disposable options, to ensure that the needs and preferences of all users can be met.

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical industry users who prefer to use traditional bottles & rigid process packaging will be impressed by the ALLpaQ® Chargebottle Range, which offers the most cost effective and efficient solutions available.25 Litre Chargebag

Chargebottles are manufactured from USP Class VI compliant HDPE (with an FDA compliant anti-static additive) and our design has been optimised for transport, the unique SQUARE design producing a valuable space saving of between 40-45%.  Our Chargebottles feature a standard  6 inch Sanitary Clamp neck design (BS4825-3) & can be supplied with a low cost 4inch adaptor.

Chargebags provide the ultimate in convenience and cost-effectiveness.

For your pharma disposable solutions email enquiries@allpaq.com,  or call on +44 (0) 7531 354410.

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