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ALLpaQ bioprocess box office productions presents …

ALLpaQ Bioprocess Box Office Productions believes that great stories inspire great possibilities. Striving for the best storytelling imaginable, ALLpaQ challenges scientists around the world to imagine something different when it comes to bioprocess storage, shipping and containment. Rewrite the rules by imagining … Continue reading

Take a video tour around GSK’s UK Consumer Sensory Lab

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has opened the doors on its new state-of-the-art Consumer Sensory Lab at its Brentford HQ in London.   The lab, which runs alongside the GSK’s existing shopper science lab, will try to understand consumer preferences and behaviours … Continue reading

What is cold chain management and why should it have been used in Game of Thrones?

First off, we need to explain what cold chain management is. Cold chain management refers to the logistical process used to maintain the right conditions when transporting temperature sensitive products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals or … a Wight. If you’ve … Continue reading

Cleaning up cleanrooms with CleanstaQ bioprocess containers

Want more room in your cleanroom? ALLpaQ’s CleanstaQ solution allows you to build a bank of storage containers in multiple stacks of two to three. The revolutionary design means once assembled there is no need to transport, lift or lower … Continue reading

Cars and crystals: what do they have in common with renewable energy?

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads …,” Dr. Emmett Brown famously proclaimed in Back to the Future. Jump to present day and Dr Brown’s protestations are unfounded. That’s because more and more new cars are rolling off global production … Continue reading

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