Weird Science Vol 2. The Bride of Bad Stockshots

Once upon a time, we introduced you to the magical world of #WeirdScienceStock – a gallery of bizarre and slightly disturbing images from the archives of the Stock Photo Libraries – which are vast collections of images that graphic designers can license, to use in advertising, brochures, websites, or any visual medium that needs illustrations.

Some of those illustrations can be brilliantly simple solutions to your graphic design problems, but others… you really have to wonder: “What did they think they were doing?”

This is never more apparent than in some of the outrageously inappropriate images which supposedly represent the sciences.

Welcome to the triumphant return of Weird Science Stock … It’s about to get weird in here:

The DNA Sequence


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stock DNA

“So this is DNA. Look at how big it is, I’m surprised we didn’t discover it sooner.”


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stockshot Genetic Banana

“Genetically, we humans are 60% banana. But some bananas are more genetic than others.”

The Lab Test


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stockshot - testing bread.

“My job involves listening to cheese on toast. It’s the whey forward. Sorry, cheesy joke, I’ll get me (lab) coat.”


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stockshot - Gazing at blood.

“Hm. I’m strangely attracted to this bag of blood. I wonder if it’s my type?”


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stockshots - Doctor prodding baby

“Enjoying a friendly game of Poke The Baby in The Eyeballs. Under laboratory conditions, of course.”

Field Studies


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stock - pointing at the sun

“Short-sighted, you say? Can you see that thing up there – The Sun? Yeah? That’s 93 million miles away. How far do you want to see?”


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stockshots - pointing at stars

“Stars. I can see stars. If only I had some way to magnify them to get a better look.”


ALLpaQ Weird Science Stock - listening to a tree

“I’m a tree-surgeon. But I’m thinking of branching out.”

The Weird Wide Web

If you find some even funnier photos out there on the weird wide web – let us know – tag us on Facebook and add the hashtag #weirdsciencestock. We can collect the pictures together into Weird Science Vol 3: Son of Bad Stockshots!

Now we’ve got that out of our system – can we reassure you that our totes and bioprocess containers are anything but weird.

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